Project Management Training

I have been wanting to delivery professional training for quite some time.  I was therefore really excited when I was asked by NPM to deliver some Project Management training for them.  As part of brushing up on PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), I have started to update and add additional content to the original “PMBOK Abbreviated” series I had started almost two years ago.  I am currently engaged in a six-week training session for CAPM certification at BCIT.  As I deliver each session, I will aim to update the series I had originally started.  So keep an eye out for additional content @ PMBOK Abbreviated.pmbok2


Cascades Train Ride

I have been riding the Amtrak Cascades for a some years now visiting family in Portland, OR. The last time I took the train back to Vancouver, BC the lighting seemed perfect and I was inspired to snap some shots of the farmland and small town Washington state.
IMG_20150727_200957 IMG_20150727_201008 IMG_20150727_201013
IMG_20150727_195655 IMG_20150727_195832
IMG_20150727_200325 IMG_20150727_200951
IMG_20150727_201035 IMG_20150727_202535

An album by Shaji Zaidi

Chihuly Garden Visit July 2015

I recently took a visit to the Chihuly Garden and Glass. It is a museum in the Seattle Center next to the Space Needle showcasing the studio glass work of Dale Chihuly. I went to see the exhibit inadvertently as something to do with my family and was not sure what to expect. Much to my surprize, this was an unforgettable visual adventure. The intricate details, contrasting colours and the physical representation of forms in every piece was breathtaking and provides never-ending options for some great abstract photography. I did not have my Nikon with me; but tried to take some interesting pictures with my Z30.
IMG_20150803_141641 IMG_20150803_141706 IMG_20150803_142012
IMG_20150803_141018 IMG_20150803_141003
IMG_20150803_141434 IMG_20150803_141545
IMG_20150803_141745 IMG_20150803_142035

An album by Shaji Zaidi

A Ferry Ride to Galiano Island

We took a trip to Galiano Island back in February. I had recently acquired a Samsun Galaxy S4 and decided to take some experimental shots with the phone camera. I was really surprised by the quality of pictures that the phone took – even from behind the dusty windows of the ferry. On the way back to Tsawwassen terminal, I was able to capture some spectacular shots of Mount Baker.
An album by Shaji Zaidi
Sun Sparkles on Gulf Waters Small Light House on a Projected Rock Seagulls Flying over the Gulf
Yachts Sailing at Sunset View from a Ferry Window
Vehicles on Ferry Deck Tan Suede Shoes
Post and Ceiling of Ferry Terminal Mont Baker and Gulf Waters

Dubai Visit in December 2014

I took some quick shots with my phone camera during a really short visit to Dubai last year.  Some of them turned out worth sharing.  You be the judge…

Burj Khalifa Tower Silhouette of Burj Khalifa Tower
Silhouette of Zayed City Skyscrapers Skyscrapers of Zayed City
An album by Shaji Zaidi

ITIL is not just for IT Businesses

Non-IT BusinessITIL is a framework that provides a set of best practices to help you manage your IT services. In today’s day and age of e-commerce, SaaS and mobile driven consumption of products and services, you cannot avoid relying on IT services to support your business and operations.

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What is a Service?

Within the ITIL paradigm services are broken into two categories:Service-Sign

  • Customer-facing service
  • Supporting service

These services can comprise of both business support and technical services. All business and technical services that are Customer-facing and Supporting comprise of your Services Catalogue.

At DiOss Technologies we can help you define, manage and optimize all business and technical services that can either be Customer-facing services or Supporting services.

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