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Shots From VRC and Stanley Park

Here are some film photography shots from this weekend at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park. The shots are mostly experiments with different depth of fields (both long and short) by controlling the aperture settings and letting the shutter speed be controlled automatically by my Nikon FE.

I would love to get feedback from some of the more savvy film photographers out there…

A Perfect Sunrize Mix

I recorded this mix a while ago. However, I am just getting around to sharing it. This is a mix of a few Y4K vinyls featuring Lee Coombs, Meat Katie and Orbital amongst others.

FLCC River Run 2012

After practising over the winter, this was my first test of steel paddling in an OC6 race. Needless to say, I was not really sure how we would fair in this 8 km loop around Macmillan/Brae island, on the scenic Fraser River.

So, it was much to my surprise when we did not only finish strong; we completed the course in a very respectable time of 49:07:78. Rummer has it that we won second place in men novice division. Congratulations Rob’s Rebels!

A Window Into Pakistan

I finally had a chance to post some of the pictures from my recent visit to Pakistan…

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