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Breakz Demo Mix

This is a short mix I threw down as a demo back in 2004 featuring Koma & Bones and Chris Carter amongst others.  I just found it in my archives and decided to share it.  Enjoy!

Some Facts and Folklore about Christmas

  • Christmas in Old English is Crīstesmæsse and means “Christ’s MassChristmas Tree 2013
  • The actual birth day, month and year of Jesus not known.  It is estimated among modern historians to have been between 7 and 2 BC
  • Western Christian Church started to associate the date of December 25th with Christmas only in the 4th Century and was not adopted by the Eastern Christian Church until much later.
  • The date of December 25th was associated with Julian calendar, which corresponds to January in the modern-day Gregorian calendar.
  • The general impression is that date of Christmas may have been chosen to correspond with the day exactly nine months after early Christians believed Jesus to have been conceived.  This is highly unlikely as that date is not known.
  • The more likely scenario is that December 25th is associated with one or more ancient polytheistic festivals that occurred near southern solstice and Roman winter solstice.
  • This is highly ironic as the Roman Empire was responsible for the torture, crucifixion and execution of Jesus.
  • The celebratory customs associated with Christmas are a hodge-podge of Roman, Pagan, Christian and Secular themes and origins.
  • Some of the celebrations such as the family meals and carols were traditions of pagan farmers’ winter solstice celebrating the fact that they did not have to do as much work in the wither and praying for a good upcoming farming year as the winter was coming to an end and spring was about to arrive.
  • One of the major Roman festivals that inflamed Christmas was Saturnalia in honor of the deity Saturn, held on December 17th of the Julian calendar and later expanded with festivities through December 23rd
  • Yule or Yuletide (“Yule time”) was another historical festival that was celebrated around the same time by Nordic Pagans and Germanic peoples.  During this festival people burned a large Yule log that burned for days and possibly attributes to the more modern traditional twelve-days of Christmas.
  • Some of the Christmas icons including the trees, lights, garlands, wreaths, mistletoe date back to pre-Christian times.
  • Figures like Santa Claus and the nativity scene have since been introduced by Christians.
  • Activities such as Christmas cards and gift-giving are part of a significant event to promote a key sales period for retailers and businesses.
  • The impact of Christmas sales has now become a recognized economic theory that is studies and taught as a one of the major factors that drives modern Western Consumerism.

Red Angel Remix

This “Red Angel Remix” of the “Simply Red” track “Come Get Me Angel” is my attempt to pay tribute to the soulful sound of Mick Hucknall.

I was inspired to work on this to share with two really dear friends with whom I have spent many hours grooving to “Red”.

I produced and remixed the entire track on a Linux Ubuntu box using Hydrogen to lay down and sequence drum patterns and track samples; and I used Audacity for sampling, editing and equalizing.


If A Man Asks What Women Have Been Asking For Centuries, Will Men Finally Listen?

This is a powerful message delivered by our own Vancourite poet Jeremy Loveday.  Please re-post, re-blog, re-tweet freely.

Cuban Catamaran Excursion November 2013

White Catamaran SailWhite and Blue SailShells on BeachRopes in BowRed Shop Umbrella
People on catamaranPallm Tree on Cayo Blanco BeachMasts in SunsetLookning Out on Cayo BlancoLife Preserver and Ropes

These are some shots of the excursion from Varadaro to Cayo Blanco Island. This was quite a thrilling experience. On the way and back we detoured to do some snorkeling of a nearby reef and visit a dolphin sanctuary. The catamaran we sailed on was absolutely pristine. The water around the reef is absolutely clear; and looking into it is like watching a national geographic film in 3D. Cayo Blanco Island is literally a picture perfect Caribbean paradise island in all our imaginations.

Shots Of Varadero Beach November 2013

Yellow Chair on BeachYello Flag on a Windy DayVaradero BeachThe Classic Coconut DrinkSunset on varadero BeachSmall Catamaran with Boats
Small Catamaran on BeachRed Boat and SailsLne Floating on WaterKite Bird on BeachDSCN0687Colourful Sails on the Beach

Shots of Varadero beach. Many times it seemed like being in a postcard picture. White sand, clear blue water and palm trees as far as one could see.

Shots of a Cuban Resort November 2013

Tree Hut by the PoolYellow Walls and Terracotta FloorView from Room TwoView from Room ThreeView from Room OneStaircase Railing Sloseup
Round Staircase CloseupRound Loby StaiRwayResort Trees and Water PortraitResort Trees and Water LandscapeRailing with Resort in BackgroundPool Hut an dPalm Trees

This vacation resort in Varadero itself was nothing short of great. And it provided me with quite a bit of opportunity to take interesting pictures.

A Trip to Havana November 2013

Window and Ornament of Historic BuildingTypical Street of HavanaThe Colours of Old HavanaSunlight from Stained GlassSugar Cane Juice MachineStatue in Havana Club Musium
Square from Inside CathedralSpanish Wall RemainsSpanish Church in City CanterRed White and Blue HousePalm Tree in HavanaOld Havana Facade

A Trip to Havana November 2013, a set on Flickr.

Havana is one on of the most interesting cities I have visited. The city is separated into old, central and new Havana. Each has its own charm; with old Havana simply being a historic architecture overload to the senses. It is truly a gem! I tried to capture some of the spirit of Havana in my shots. I could not do it justice at all…

A Walk In Varadero Town November 2013

Jana Walking in VaraderoCuban Heroes MuralColoured Fence of a Cuban BarColonial Church WindowBlue House with Red RoofA Colonial House in Varadero Town
Statue in Varadero CenterLarge Cuban CactusLarge Cuban Cactus PortraitCuban Red White and Blue Stairs

These are a few pictures I took while taking a walk in Varadero town center. Despite being catered mostly towards tourists, there was a lot of authenticity in this small town. The flare of colourful Cuban architecture was quite evident here.

Fall Colours Around The House September 2013

Mushrooms On LawnWpider Web And UnbrellaWind Chimes In FallSprider Web In MorningMorning In BackyardLight In Back
Leaves Canging ColourJana's BileIsis In WindowIsis Caught On CameraIris Caught On CameraIMG-20131109-00146

Here are some random shots that I took to capture some of the amazing colours around our house this fall. Shots of the morning dew caught on the spider webs turned out particularly well – I thought. And of course I had to include some shot of the new Cooper in there.

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