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MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds

This duo out of New York City was not on my radar at all.  I had heard them being featured on Mark Ronson & The Business Intl’s 2010 single “Bang Bang Bang” and did not think twice about them.  It was not until I heard the track “Feed Me Diamonds” on one on the Slacker electro channels that I stopped to give them a second listen.  The video to the track is also quite a sceptical and worth a view.  It is hard to believe that this duo with a quirky nuevo sharper-edged Debbie Harry look and a heavier Electro Pop sound is out of NYC.  Every single track on this album deserves repeated listens. Check them out @ MNDR.

Garibaldi Lake Hike August 2014

An album by Shaji Zaidi
This is a spectacular hike that offers a variety of incredibly scenic backdrops for photography. The trails themselves provide tons of interesting subjects ranging from maple-leaf-like ground covers, rich green moss on trees, and even chipmunks that are friendly enough to come and take nuts from your hands. Taylor Meadows, after a 6K steady climb, are completely unexpected and the view of the ominous Black Tusk Ridge is breathtaking. Hiking for another 20 minutes opens up the trails to pristine sapphire-blue waters of Garibaldi Lake surrounded by sparkling glaciers – a perfect playground for outdoors nature photography.
Glacier and Tree Island Glacier Trees and Lake Glaciers of Garibaldi Lake
Black Tusk in Distance Chipmonk on Trail
Driftwood Reflection on Water Fir Tree on Peak
Hiker on Trail Inukshuk on Lake

Playing with Light at Home on Bute August 2014

An album by Shaji Zaidi
Here are some experimental shots taken during dusk and at night with an ASA 400 speed film and with manual shutter openings ranging from 2 to 20 seconds. The depth of focus on these is fairly shallow as well. Some of the longer shutter opening shots are starting to get hazy. I thought it made for a cool softening effect. The fireworks shots are of the view from our 8th floor terrace of the Honda Celebration of Light. I have included some additional low-light shots from around the house taken completely with manual settings.
Fireworks on Davie Street2 Lights and Skyline at Davie Street Pride Night On Davie
Building Lights and Fireworks Celebration of Lights Blue Fireworks1
Celebration of Lights Red Fireworks Exit in Red
Red Fireworks in Distance Sunset at English Bay2

Sea To Summit Hike August 2014

An album by Shaji Zaidi
Squamish Valley and Mountains Squamish Valley from Sea to Summit Peak Squamish Valley from Sea to Summit Trail
Moss on Rock Rest Area at Peak
Sea To Sky Gondola Shoes after Hiking
Sunlight Through Trees Suspension Bridge

Here are some shots I took on my recent Sea to Summit hike just next to the Stawamus Chief and Shannon Falls. It is in total a 9.8 km trail with a combined 918 m elevation. Pictures include incredible views of Howe Sound, Sky Pilot and the surrounding peaks.  Watching the top of Shannon Falls was quite incredible as well.

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