Playing with Light at Home on Bute August 2014

An album by Shaji Zaidi
Here are some experimental shots taken during dusk and at night with an ASA 400 speed film and with manual shutter openings ranging from 2 to 20 seconds. The depth of focus on these is fairly shallow as well. Some of the longer shutter opening shots are starting to get hazy. I thought it made for a cool softening effect. The fireworks shots are of the view from our 8th floor terrace of the Honda Celebration of Light. I have included some additional low-light shots from around the house taken completely with manual settings.
Fireworks on Davie Street2 Lights and Skyline at Davie Street Pride Night On Davie
Building Lights and Fireworks Celebration of Lights Blue Fireworks1
Celebration of Lights Red Fireworks Exit in Red
Red Fireworks in Distance Sunset at English Bay2

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