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Life on the Fraser River

Life on the Fraser River

Being there on a sunny spring day provided for a perfect opportunity for me to snap away randomly with my iPhone and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the shots turned out. I say this by no means to support claims of armature iPhone wannabe photographers who profess to the awesomeness of their iPhone camera. I am however professing to how picture-perfect the gardens looked on this sunny spring day. Shots with a pinhole camera would have turned out just as spectacular.

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Verso, Salento Rosso, 2018

Name: Salento Rosso

Winery: Verso

Grape:Red blend (Negroamaro and Primitivo)

Vintage: 2018

Region: Salento, Italy

Price: $18 Canadian

Review Date: February 02, 2020

Rating: 8/10

Review: This wine is meaty with lots of body and a great velvety mouth feel.  It is rich and dark in colour, with vibrant flavours. It tastes a lot more sophisticated then what you would initially expect. Part of its lustre can be attributed to the small percent of ‘appassimento’, or air-dried raisined, grapes.  It is full of black cherry and coffee flavours; but balanced nicely by supple tannins and almost pleasantly bitter on the finish.  One of the reviews I read compares drinking this wine to a hedonistic experience.  I would tend to agree. Maker of this wine also makes Casa Contini – already added to my tasting list.

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The Wine Chronicle

In my mission to discover good tasting wines that are economical and do not necessarily cost a fortune, I taste a lot of wines – mostly reds, some whites and a rear rose.  Except for a select few, it has become progressively hard for me to keep track of all the wines that I have enjoyed, and some that I would like to avoid.  To tend to this state of my disrepair, I started keeping pictures and random notes.  In this blog series I attempt to structure these random thoughts and notes – mostly for my ease of access; but also for the benefit of random readers who may happen to stumble upon my posts. 

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