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Tribeca Breaks Throwdown

This mix is again from my archives back in 2007.  It is a recording of one of my Wednesday or Saturday night session at Tribeca in downtown Vancouver.  Much to all the resident DJs dismay, the club has since closed; and needless to say that I don’t spin there any longer.  None the less, it was a lot of fun throwing down progressive breaks amongst all these house DJs.  This mix features Nitro, Slyde on Finger Lickin’ records and District on KS records.

Breakz Demo Mix

This is a short mix I threw down as a demo back in 2004 featuring Koma & Bones and Chris Carter amongst others.  I just found it in my archives and decided to share it.  Enjoy!

Red Angel Remix

This “Red Angel Remix” of the “Simply Red” track “Come Get Me Angel” is my attempt to pay tribute to the soulful sound of Mick Hucknall.

I was inspired to work on this to share with two really dear friends with whom I have spent many hours grooving to “Red”.

I produced and remixed the entire track on a Linux Ubuntu box using Hydrogen to lay down and sequence drum patterns and track samples; and I used Audacity for sampling, editing and equalizing.


A Perfect Sunrize Mix

I recorded this mix a while ago. However, I am just getting around to sharing it. This is a mix of a few Y4K vinyls featuring Lee Coombs, Meat Katie and Orbital amongst others.

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