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OC6 Summer With Shakabuku

OC6 and TankerOC6 in North_Shore RacesjpgPhoto Finish on the Water

This summer the Shakabuku OC6 team has been mostly focusing on open water, long distance paddling. Venturing out of English Bay into the Burrard Inlet and circling the tankers around Jericho Beach has become a regular practice run.

We therefore thought competing in the 500m sprints at the North Vancouver OC6 Regtta would be a proverbial walking the park – Cates Park. It however turned out to be tougher undertaking than what we had expected.

This was mostly because we were no longer accustomed to the dragon boat-style short-distance racing. By the time other teams were looking at finishing the race at around the 400m mark, we were just starting to get going and steadily gaining on the competition. So, in longer (1k to 2k) races we would have been serious contenders. None the less, our best time of 2:24 was fairly respectable when compared to the fastest run time of 2:17 by one of the top local OC6 teams.

FLCC River Run 2012

After practising over the winter, this was my first test of steel paddling in an OC6 race. Needless to say, I was not really sure how we would fair in this 8 km loop around Macmillan/Brae island, on the scenic Fraser River.

So, it was much to my surprise when we did not only finish strong; we completed the course in a very respectable time of 49:07:78. Rummer has it that we won second place in men novice division. Congratulations Rob’s Rebels!

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