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Verso, Salento Rosso, 2018

Name: Salento Rosso

Winery: Verso

Grape:Red blend (Negroamaro and Primitivo)

Vintage: 2018

Region: Salento, Italy

Price: $18 Canadian

Review Date: February 02, 2020

Rating: 8/10

Review: This wine is meaty with lots of body and a great velvety mouth feel.  It is rich and dark in colour, with vibrant flavours. It tastes a lot more sophisticated then what you would initially expect. Part of its lustre can be attributed to the small percent of ‘appassimento’, or air-dried raisined, grapes.  It is full of black cherry and coffee flavours; but balanced nicely by supple tannins and almost pleasantly bitter on the finish.  One of the reviews I read compares drinking this wine to a hedonistic experience.  I would tend to agree. Maker of this wine also makes Casa Contini – already added to my tasting list.

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The Wine Chronicle

In my mission to discover good tasting wines that are economical and do not necessarily cost a fortune, I taste a lot of wines – mostly reds, some whites and a rear rose.  Except for a select few, it has become progressively hard for me to keep track of all the wines that I have enjoyed, and some that I would like to avoid.  To tend to this state of my disrepair, I started keeping pictures and random notes.  In this blog series I attempt to structure these random thoughts and notes – mostly for my ease of access; but also for the benefit of random readers who may happen to stumble upon my posts. 

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Paul Mas, Grenache Noir, 2010

Name: Vignobles Paul Mass

Winery: Paul Mas

Grape: Grenache Noir

Vintage: 2010

Region: South France

Price: $16 Canadian

Review Date: May 16, 2012

Rating: 7/10

Review: Visually this wine is deep ruby-red in colour and almost opaque. It is heavy bodied with long legs. The nose is warm and earthy. On the palate it is a smooth, silky medium dry wine with smoky, heavy berry flavours and a strong liquorice lingering flavour. This is the taste of a Mediterranean herb, known as Garrigue. At first taste the wine is a bit overwhelming but the pellet get used to the soothing and soft flavours quite quickly.

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Caliterra, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010

Name: Caliterra (Reserva)

Winery: Caliterra

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon (Estate Grown)

Vintage: 2010

Region: Colchagua, Chile

Price: $14 Canadian

Review Date: January 3, 2012

Rating: 7/10

Review: Visually this wine is deep bluish-ruby-red in colour.  It is heavy bodied and almost opaque.  The nose is intensely aromatic, with aromas of rich blackcurrant, blackberry, cherry and raspberry fruit. On the palate it is unexpectedly light with fresh fruit and complex smoky spice flavours.  Despite being visually heavy, it makes for a very nice and easy drinking wine on its own.

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