How DiOssTech can make ITIL work for you

Many Fortune 500 companies, including SMEs & SMBs, have an impression that ITIL is too complex & expensive to implement and to align with their business. At DiOssTech we are changing just that – now!

We believe every company has the right to discover that ITIL in reality is not complex and expensive at all. It is rather, actually, quite simple and considerably cost effective and every company has the right reap its benefits.

Why is ITIL perceived to be complex when in fact is not?

ITIL is a comprehensive library and it includes extensive processes, tools and artifacts that cover the entire life-cycle of a service solution. But do you need to implement it all to run successful IT business? No! Focus on what you and your staff can comprehend and identify as a need. Forget about the rest for now.

ITIL provides you with a toolbox to build your entire car; but you only need a few tools to change a flat.

How is ITIL inexpensive to implement?

This may sound incredibly simple, for the reason that it actually is. Successful and inexpensive ITIL implementation can be achieved with lean deployment and a pragmatic approach. Implement ONLY what you need. Address the key pain points, take advantage of the low hanging fruits that takes 20% of your effort but solves 80% of your IT service pains.

At DiOssTech, we have learned that by aligning our customers’ needs with a focussed execution upfront to address most critical IT Service Management (ITSM) improvement goals, we can make our ITIL deployments very inexpensive and extremely effective.

We employ a scaled approach to our ITIL implementations to initially focus on our customers’ core pain points with ITSM. In other words, we only deploy the features our customers really need to run their IT business. This helps us reduce our customers’ implementation costs, employee distractions and time to launch, while maximizing the value and benefits they gain from their ITIL implementation.

How ITIL helps you in the long-term?

We have created a support structure to address our customers’ needs on an ongoing base. As part of our ITIL implementation, we believe in providing our customers with tools and artifacts to help monitor and assess their ITSM needs.

Our engagement with our customers is tow-folded. We believe in delivering immediate solutions required to address our customers’ core needs and also providing long-term ITSM support and ongoing evolution as part of Continual Service Improvement.
We will however expand your ITIL footprint only if you really need to do so. Don’t be surprised if we say: NO YOU DON’T, NOT YET, FINE TUNE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE.

In which areas does ITIL save you money?

This really depends on the business and service areas you are looking to target and what key pain points you are looking to ITIL to address. DiOssTech’s lean deployment and pragmatic implementation approach will save you money for any business area that you decide to target.

Some direct costs savings can come through:

  • Reduced incident and problem handling
  • Controlled services change & release management
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Increased process and operations efficiency

Some indirect costs savings can come through:

  • Reduced need for peer support
  • Increased structure to promote standardization
  • Increased knowledge sharing with customers and staff
  • Clearer governance and executive direction
  • A self-sustained Continual Services Improvement structure

You should connect with us if:

  • You are interested in implementing ITIL but don’t know how to get started
  • You don’t know what you need and IT services completely baffle you
  • You are simply looking for more information on ITIL
  • You have a very specific ITSM challenge that you want us to address

MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds

This duo out of New York City was not on my radar at all.  I had heard them being featured on Mark Ronson & The Business Intl’s 2010 single “Bang Bang Bang” and did not think twice about them.  It was not until I heard the track “Feed Me Diamonds” on one on the Slacker electro channels that I stopped to give them a second listen.  The video to the track is also quite a sceptical and worth a view.  It is hard to believe that this duo with a quirky nuevo sharper-edged Debbie Harry look and a heavier Electro Pop sound is out of NYC.  Every single track on this album deserves repeated listens. Check them out @ MNDR.

Garibaldi Lake Hike August 2014

An album by Shaji Zaidi
This is a spectacular hike that offers a variety of incredibly scenic backdrops for photography. The trails themselves provide tons of interesting subjects ranging from maple-leaf-like ground covers, rich green moss on trees, and even chipmunks that are friendly enough to come and take nuts from your hands. Taylor Meadows, after a 6K steady climb, are completely unexpected and the view of the ominous Black Tusk Ridge is breathtaking. Hiking for another 20 minutes opens up the trails to pristine sapphire-blue waters of Garibaldi Lake surrounded by sparkling glaciers – a perfect playground for outdoors nature photography.
Glacier and Tree Island Glacier Trees and Lake Glaciers of Garibaldi Lake
Black Tusk in Distance Chipmonk on Trail
Driftwood Reflection on Water Fir Tree on Peak
Hiker on Trail Inukshuk on Lake

Playing with Light at Home on Bute August 2014

An album by Shaji Zaidi
Here are some experimental shots taken during dusk and at night with an ASA 400 speed film and with manual shutter openings ranging from 2 to 20 seconds. The depth of focus on these is fairly shallow as well. Some of the longer shutter opening shots are starting to get hazy. I thought it made for a cool softening effect. The fireworks shots are of the view from our 8th floor terrace of the Honda Celebration of Light. I have included some additional low-light shots from around the house taken completely with manual settings.
Fireworks on Davie Street2 Lights and Skyline at Davie Street Pride Night On Davie
Building Lights and Fireworks Celebration of Lights Blue Fireworks1
Celebration of Lights Red Fireworks Exit in Red
Red Fireworks in Distance Sunset at English Bay2

Sea To Summit Hike August 2014

An album by Shaji Zaidi
Squamish Valley and Mountains Squamish Valley from Sea to Summit Peak Squamish Valley from Sea to Summit Trail
Moss on Rock Rest Area at Peak
Sea To Sky Gondola Shoes after Hiking
Sunlight Through Trees Suspension Bridge

Here are some shots I took on my recent Sea to Summit hike just next to the Stawamus Chief and Shannon Falls. It is in total a 9.8 km trail with a combined 918 m elevation. Pictures include incredible views of Howe Sound, Sky Pilot and the surrounding peaks.  Watching the top of Shannon Falls was quite incredible as well.

Kraftwerk – Tour de Vancouver

Kraftwerk Tour De FranceSo, I finally had the pleasure to witness the icons and pioneers of electronic music showcase their “Kraft” at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver, BC.

It was quite an experience to get entranced by the sequences of symphonies, rhythms and beats produced by four almost static, emotionless stick-like figures.  The set consisting of a single stretched performance of over two hours included a two-song encore and delivered everything one could have expected and would have come to relish.  The tracks kicked off quite fittingly with “The Robots” and included all the usual suspects including a refreshed version of “The Man-Machine” from their latest album “Man-Machine-Technology”; a chilling version of “Neon Lights” that concluded with an absolutely engrossing groove;  beat-thumping versions of “Radio-Activity”,”Boing Boom Tschak” and “Computer Love”; of course “The Model” and “Tour De France” during which I was lucky enough to time this somewhat unique snapshot of the banner graphic.

Intentional or unintentional, the simplified graphics on the backdrop screen and the 80’s reminiscent cardboard 3D glasses make the whole experience even more complete and compelling.

This no doubt will turn out to be the highlight of my summer concert-going experience for 2014.

PMBOK Abbreviated

The purpose of this series of posts is to provide an abbreviation of the PMBOK and to serve as a reference library to standardized project management tools and processes.  You can find all the series of posts on the DiOssTech website. pmbok2

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